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  • What is EuroPACE?

    We designed EuroPACE to make home renovation simple, affordable and reliable for all Europeans.



  • Integrated home improvement platform

    The concept of EuroPACE is inspired by the success of a financing model called PACE, launched in California in 2008. In the US, in the past four years, the PACE market reached over $4.7 billion in funded projects, including the retrofit of over 200,000 homes, which resulted in more than 42,000 new local jobs and the creation of hundreds new companies.


    PACE can be used to pay for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to homes and buildings. PACE financing covers up to 100% of a project’s costs and is repaid as a special assessment added to a property tax bill over a term of up to 20 years. EuroPACE adopts best practices from the US PACE market and intends to further enhance its reach, scope, and overall impact well beyond the American experience.

    PACE + Europe = EuroPACE

    New Financing for a New Era in Combating Climate-Change

    EuroPACE is uniquely positioned to boost energy efficiency investment in existing buildings, ranging from homes to offices, hotels, multi-family and mixed-use properties.


    The impact of EuroPACE platform goes far beyond energy savings and each Euro invested in building renovations results in societal and economic benefits, including job creation and climate change abatement.


    EuroPACE contributes to the creation of resilient and vibrant communities that enjoy economic growth and healthy environments.

    Property Attached Financing

    Payments Are Collected via Property Attached Charges

    EuroPACE financing is used to collect the repayment for money that was lent for investments in building improvements that meet a ‘valid public purpose’, e.g. save or produce energy.


    Typically, investors lend money for deep retrofits up-front and then get repaid regularly through an additional charge added to the property.

  • Why is EuroPACE Unique?

    Because we focus on Customers. EuroPACE is More than Financing; it Serves Homeowners and Supports Communities by Answering 3 Key Questions:



    Identifying and selecting which energy efficiency improvements to make, and when.



    Assisting in finding contractors who will finish the job well, on time and within budget.



    Delivering transparent, easy and secure long-term financing.

  • Two-Step Innovation that Makes Renovation Easy

    A Demand-driven Approach

    Innovative Financing

    • 100% up-front financing
    • Long-term financing, up to 20 years
    • Can be combined with utility, local, regional, and state incentive programs
    • Financing is attached to the property – can be transferred to a new owner upon sale
    • Financing is repaid via a charge added to a property

    People-Centric Assistance

    • Simple and clear value proposition that speaks directly to people’s needs
    • Local energy services contractors function as sales force
    • Digital platform allows for quick and easy approvals
    • Technical and customer assistance is provided throughout the process
    • Comprehensive consumer protection policies
  • Benefits of EuroPACE

    EuroPACE offers local residents an opportunity to use an innovative financing instrument to upgrade their properties.

    Local Governments

    an instrument for economic development and job creation​

    • Achieving local policy goals with no additional public debt
    • Creating local jobs and increasing demand for skilled building professionals
    • Helping fight "energy poverty" by lowering energy bills for the vulnerable populations



    a secure scalable product and a source of green bonds​

    • Secure repayment stream
    • Familiar property tax structure
    • Source of Asset-Backed Green Bonds


    Homeowners & Commercial Clients

    a 100% financing linked to the property

    • 100% up-front financing, repaid over 20 years, making long-term payback projects possible
    • Results in improved comfort and lowered utility bills
    • Customer-Centeric Consumer Protection Policies


    Energy Services Professionals

    a financing tool that help win a bigger job

    • Empowers contractors to complete larger projects with longer payback period
    • Training programs that open new opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor force


  • More About PACE

    We invite you to visit the PACENation website and to view the videos below.

    What is PACE Financing?

    Benefits of PACE for Property Owners

    Leaders Talk About PACE

  • EuroPACE Project: Our Three Year Plan

    Initial Focus on Existing Residential Buildings. Pilot City to Standardize Implementation. Create Toolkit, Replicate and Scale Across Europe.


    Assessing Market Readiness

    • Conduct market review to determine viability and attractiveness of EuroPACE financing across Europe.

    Deploying EuroPACE in Spain

    • Design and run the first residential EuroPACE pilot in Olot (Catalunya, Spain).

    Scaling Across Europe

    • Facilitate and support 4 Leader Cities willing to set up EuroPACE platforms.
  • EuroPACE Partners

    A consortium formed by 8 members from 4 European countries with all the required expertise to deliver a successful implementation of EuroPACE.

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