• Get to know EuroPACE

    EuroPACE is a three-year project, designed to make home renovation simple, affordable and reliable for all Europeans by combining affordable financing with people-centric technical assistance

  • The EuroPACE Project Pillars

    Pillar 1: Assess market readiness

    Identifying suitable countries for EuroPACE adoption

    The EuroPACE partners conducted a preliminary legal and fiscal analysis of the EU28 countries, seeking to identify the most suitable legal and fiscal set-up and aiming to identify the highest potential demand for EuroPACE implementation. Learn more.

    Pillar 2: Launch home renovation program in Spain

    Deployment of the HolaDomus programme in Olot, Catalonia

    HolaDomus program was launched in Olot, Spain in early 2020. HolaDomus is the first eco-sustainable home renovation program combining affordable financing, technical assistance and smart funding in one place. HolaDomus also supports vulnerable groups by combining grants, subsidies with affordable financing. Visit the HolaDomus website to learn more.

    Pillar 3: Engage with Leader Cities

    Scaling EuroPACE throughout Europe

    Expanding its reach throughout Europe, EuroPACE has identified a number of Leader Cities to join the project. Lisbon (Portugal, via E-NOVA), Porto (Portugal, via AdEPorto), Valencia (Spain) and Mouscron (Belgium) have come on board and are actively exploring ways to set up the EuroPACE mechanism and adapt the One-Stop-Shop structure and affordable financing in their respective areas. Contact us to learn more.

  • Public-Private Partnership

    The EuroPACE project delivers tailored public-private partnerships and innovative financing solutions to activate the renovation wave by bringing private capital into the home renovation market

  • Our Home Renovation Formula

    Three key elements to create Trust to Renovate

    Technical Assistance

    Supporting customers throughout their renovation journey is key; EuroPACE ensures targeted advice and coordination for homeowners, as well as contractor training and verification+.

    Affordable Financing

    The project ensures the availability of affordable, long-term financing accessible to all homeowners. EuroPACE loans are long-term, which results in affordable monthly installments.

    Smart Funding

    EuroPACE is aimed at making the renewable energy transition equitable and affordable for all via de-risking solutions set up to provide broader access to financing.

  • Resilience and Urban Regeneration

    The EuroPACE project is working together with cities to design and set up effective home renovation programs fostering local resiliency and neighborhood regeneration

  • What makes EuroPACE Unique?

    We support communities and focus on the homeowner's needs


    People-centric support

    Removing barriers to home renovation by delivering a citizen-ready solution, from application to project completion.


    Aligned with the goals of the cities

    Supporting cities in reaching the 2050 carbon neutrality with no additional public debt.


    Leveraging private funding

    Mobilizing private financing for public good; offering affordable financing for sustainable home renovations.

  • Integrated Home Renovation Program in Spain

    HolaDomus was set up by the EuroPACE partners to stimulate sustainable renovations, improve health and comfort of homeowners, and foster resiliency

  • Featured: HolaDomus

    Program's mission is to combat climate change whilst simultaneously improving citizens' health, well-being and comfort through home renovation.



  • Sustainable home improvements

    HolaDomus program supports the following measures

    Smart Homes


    Windows and Doors


    Heating and Cooling

    Renewable Energy Solutions

  • "As governments across Europe attempt to deal with the economic and social impacts of coronavirus and how and when to end strict confinement measures, the time is right to invest to ensure every person can live in a healthy, connected and sustainable home"
    - Davide Cannarozzi, CEO and Founder of GNE Finance



  • EuroPACE at the EU Sustainable Energy Week

    Watch the EUSEW session on effective home renovation programs, where EuroPACE is presented as a key example of how combining innovative financing with technical assistance is central to Europe’s post-COVID-19 recovery and meeting the goals set out in the Green Deal.

    HolaDomus Video

    Watch a video to learn more about the HolaDomus program


    Please note: video only available in Catalan

    Watch the latest EuroPACE Webinar

    In this webinar, the EuroPACE project is highlighted as an optimal tool to use home renovation as an accelerator for a green recovery in Europe in the wake of COVID-19, underpinning the successful HolaDomus experience in Olot.

    Christophe Milin talks about the benefits of HolaDomus

    "HolaDomus is an excellent example of how the public and private sector can collaborate to improve the lives of citizens and simplify the energy efficient home renovation process"


    - Christophe Milin, EC Project Adviser for EuroPACE


    Please note: video only available in Spanish


  • EuroPACE Partners

    A consortium formed by 8 members from 4 European countries with all the required expertise to deliver a successful implementation of EuroPACE

  • Innovative Financing

    EuroPACE project's goal is to provide affordable financing to homeowners. This can be achieved by lowering the risk of non-payment and thus obtaining long-term, low-cost capital from investors. The project is exploring options for linking the financing to a property and working with public authorities to ensure a secure repayment and collection mechanism.

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