• EuroPACE Summit 2019

    June 19, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

  • Investing 4 Cities: 

    Opportunities and Solutions to finance home renovation in Europe

    Sessions focus on the two critical elements of an effective home renovation programme: access to affordable financing and people-centric technical assistance.

  • Agenda, Keynotes and Presentations

    Below you will find presentations delivered on June 19, 2019

  • Home renovation is not just private business but a public priority. As such, a strong collaboration between the public and private sectors is critical to enable and deploy successful home renovation programmes that benefit all EU citizens. This summit offered European cities and regional representatives the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with experts from home renovation programs. The event showcased lessons learnt, best practices, case studies and future developments in home renovation.

    Keynote: Challenges and opportunities for home renovation

    by Christophe Milin, the European Commission's Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Keynote: Key drivers for home and building renovation from people's point of view

    by Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe

    Session 1: EuroPACE – Integrated Home Renovation Platform
    Presentation of EuroPACE home renovation platform with an emphasis on innovative financing, technical assistance, and local experiences in Olot, Catalunya and the Basque Country

    Session 2: A home renovation journey: support along the way
    A discussion about practical experiences, best practices, lessons learnt, and what it takes to motivate and support citizens renovating their homes.

    • Jessica Stromback, Joule Assets Europe (chair)
    • Niels Kaare Bruun, Better Home, download presentation
    • Casey Dailey, Western Riverside County of Governments
    • Eduard Puig MacLean, GNE Finance
    • Paul Kenny,  Super Homes Programme, Tipperary Energy Agency, download presentation

    Session 3: Cities’ and Regions’ role in accelerating home renovation
    Cities presenting their initiatives and projects, outlining goals, barriers and needs.

    Session 4: Financing models for home renovation
    A discussion about barriers & opportunities for public and private financing mechanisms for home renovation programmes.

  • Featured Speakers

    Three keynote address and 4 expert panels.






    Tatiana Bosteels

    Hermes Investment Management






    Adrian Joyce

    Renovate Europe






    Bettina Dorendorf






    Paul Kenny

    Super Homes





    Jessica Stromback

    Joule Assets Europe




    Davide Cannarozzi

    GNE Finance




    Anette Jahn

    Executive Agency for
    Small and Medium-sized Enterprises





    Casey Dailey

    Western Riverside County of Governments, CA






    Steven Fawkes

    Energy Pro





    Jordi Ayats

    EuroPACE Programme, Olot





    Kristina Klimovich

    GNE Finance





    Joserra Lopez

    Basque Country Energy Agency





    Niels Kaare Bruun

    Better Home




    Jurei Yada

    International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation




    Andy Deacon

    Climate Alliance




    Isidoro Tapia

    European Investment Bank

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