• Interview Series with Experts

    Initiative of the EuroPACE project dedicated to conversations with experts in financing, energy efficiency, policy, urban regeneration and more. The purpose of the series is to elevate challenges and opportunities in the European home renovation market.

  • Healthier Homes,

    Healthier Planet

    with Catriona Brady, World Green Building Council

    Building renovation: from policy to implementation

    EuroPACE Talk with Patty Fong, European Climate Foundation, about recent policy developments

    Innovative Finance for Social and Economic Change

    EuroPACE Talk with Caroline Milne from Joule Assets Inc.

    Motivating People to Renovate Their Homes

    EuroPACE Talk with Prashant Vaze from the Climate Bonds Initiative dedicated to customer engagement

    Discussing the current energy efficiency trends, policies, and financing instruments

    EuroPACE Talk with Jessica Glicker from the
    International Energy Agency

    Discovering the role of public and private financing to unlock the home renovation market

    EuroPACE Talk dedicated to a conversation with Juan Alario, former European Investment Bank Director

  • Video Interviews

  • Davide Cannarozzi, GNE Finance, speaking about the EuroPACE project

    26 May 2020

    Eduard Puig MacLean, GNE Finance, describes the winning home renovation formula

    26 June 2019

    Davide Cannarozzi, GNE Finance, on the journey of EuroPACE platform

    26 June 2019

    Davide Cannarozzi, CEO of GNE Finance, speaking about EuroPACE​

    2 March 2018

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